Jocelyn (athenaworth) wrote in 1950s,

Desktop wallpaper

I'm searching everywhere for fun 50s themed desktop wallpaper and can't find anything (I'm also useless at anything computer techy). I'll be your best friend if you can point me in the right direction of something fun.
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Have you tried Google image search? Once you have found a pic and saved it onto your HD, you can then utilize your OS to create the wallpaper. If using XP, go to control panel, find and click on display and then the desktop tab and browse to find the pic, click on it and then go to the scroll down box and depending on how large the image is, you can either choose center, tile or stretch, which might distort the image something strange (usually it'll get pixelated) if it's smaller than 600x800 pixels, then click on apply to apply the changes and then OK to close out the dialog box and you should have the image on your desktop.

Or simply scan something from a book you have and repeat the same process as mentioned above.

I can't really help cause I'm also computer alliterate but I love your journal. I love the 1950's.