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The 1950s

Design, Décor and Fashion

1950s Design, Décor and Fashion
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There are many in the western world who like to look back on the Nineteen-Fifties as the last decade before the world lost its innocence.

In truth, much of what is perceived as the “innocence” of that period is actually a light-hearted and lengthy celebration following the end of World War II and the deprivations that ensued, coupled with untrammelled exploitation of natural and man-made resources in general ignorance of the long-term consequences.

In other words, life was good.

Except, of course, for the war in Korea, for the so-called Cold War, for Joseph McCarthy and his “witch hunts”, for extreme violence and sexual sadism in the “children's world” of the comic book, for sexual and racial inequality, for the creeping concept of “planned obsolescence”…

But the artefacts are pretty.

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